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Choose a destination, pick a Language

If you are a travel person, you have probably seen a lot by now. However, the world is so big, that sometimes we find ourselves a little at lost when it comes to choosing our next destination. Here are some questions that, if asked to yourself, may help you find your next place in the world.


What language am I interested in learning next?

Perhaps you have just taken Spanish lessons in Toronto or you have enjoyed Chinese lessons in New York What we know is that every time we take up a language course, we immediately grow an interest in the country where that language is spoken. Perhaps you could pick a destination where the last language you sought to learn is spoken, or where your next foreign language comes from.


What kind of weather do I want to encounter?

Some people use travelling to skip winters. For example, they stay in the United States from May to October and then travel to South America from November to April. Well, of course not everyone can do that. However, the weather requirement could help you find your next destination too. Are you a winter or a summer person? Perhaps you are a mild-weather person? You like both? Think about places like Moscow, Canada, or the very south of Argentina for a cold weather, or the Caribbean, Crete, Cyprus or Andalucía for a very warm weather.


What kind of nightlife do I want to find?

Some places offer a non-stop nightlife. In general, these are Hispanic speaking places like Spain, Argentina, Miami, Playa del Carmen (Mexico), etc. Even though New York is said to be the "city that never sleeps" some cities in Spain or Argentina literally never sleep (nightlife ends at the morning of the following day). If, however, this is too much for you, in cities like Los Angeles or San Francisco, California, nightlife stops at 2 am.


Do I feel like partying, exploring a new culture, or just relaxing?

Even though every place offers a lot of activities for everyone, some cities seem to have been born either for people to party, relax, or enjoy the local history and architecture. Depending on the purpose of your trip and your "mood" for the next journey, you can pick a place where you've never been before. How about visiting the ancient history of Greece or Rome? Or immersing in the Maya and Aztec temples in Peru and Mexico? Partying in Brazil, Las Vegas or Ibiza? Relaxing at the breath-taking beaches of Curacao, the Dominican Republic or Gran Canaria?


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