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English School Enhances Language Studies with Leisure Activities

Travel information scenario has undergone a sea change with the growth of online travel portals. Whereas in the olden days one would head to a travel agency to gain information on places of interest and for bookings, an online travel portal saves money and time. One has fingertip access to detailed information on virtually all countries and places of interest for pleasure, business, plastic surgery, dental, medical, environmental, volunteer and kick-off or sports tourism.

Edutourism is also on the rise, notably in the language learning sector. Quite a few sites promote language studies with a healthy dose of leisure activities. The concept primarily promotes language study where students are taught in a practical, fun and easy way, extending classroom learning to leisure activities.

Knowledge of local languages comes in handy to gain more from the travel experience and for business. Of course one can learn the language in any language institute at home but combining language study with tourism is so much more fun.

It also gives insight into the culture and traditions through a live experience that a language institute back home just cannot provide. For example, English is widely spoken in various countries, each having its own distinctive flavour. Learn English in that country if you want to know more about the language's evolution and local traditions.

The USA is a preferred destination for business, tourism and studies. Unique to the country is that it has local flavours of English as one travels from coast to coast, north to south. The country has also developed unique regional expressions. While travel portals give information on travel and on ticket and hotel bookings, language learning portals like ESL Language Studies Abroad arranges for studies as well as accommodation in the city of your choice if you choose to learn English in USA.

ESL partners with globally reputed language institutes to give students a uniform course structure and learning experience. An ESL partner English school in USA located in New York will have the same courseware as one located in Hawaii or Florida. Especially where English is a second language, each ESL partner English school in USA has categorized the course from beginner to advanced proficiency levels.

Someone who is touring the USA can start at a beginner level in an English school in USA located in New York and then move on to Chicago , Seattle , San Francisco , Los Angeles and Miami . At each city he could take up from where he left off in an associated ESL partner language school in the USA .

When you choose an English school in USA it is not all about learning. There is a healthy dose of leisure time activities that act as an extension of classroom learning. ESL arranges accommodation with host families-an ideal way to gain a first hand experience of culture and traditions of each place. That apart, ESL also arranges for assistance in obtaining visa, air tickets and in making travel arrangements. ESL is to language studies what travel portals are to general purpose travel.


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