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Floral Hall and Training Center, Inverness, UK

Floral Hall and Training Center, Inverness, UK

Address: Bught Lane, Inverness,
Scotland IV3 5SS


This unique floral hall and coffee shop is a fantastic place to visit for people in love with plants and nature. It is located in Inverness, and has recently been graded a three-star visitor attraction. It also exhibits works of amateur artists from the local area. The venue also achieved a green apple gold award by the Scottish Government.

If you want to get to know more about the different plants and gardening in general, it is a fantastic place to start. Some projects are designed for people with disabilities (mental or physical) to give them the feeling of achievement. Social workers help people tend to their own garden and special plants, and there is also a children’s workshop every year.

If you think about volunteering at this fabulous place or starting a career as a social worker, making people’s lives more bearable, there are different courses and workshops held here, in Scotland, as well. You can become a trainee, and with the help of experienced trainee managers become one of those people putting a smile on others’ faces. You will not only learn how to plant and handle different plants, but find out more about people who are less fortunate than you, too.

There are regular personality training and work health and safety courses held in the Floral Hall Training Center. You can also obtain an apprentice greenkeeper certificate at an SVQ level, if you are interested in a career in gardening. The training is for two years.
You will be also amazed by the demonstration gardens and climatically controlled greenhouse, where you can admire some of the greatest and rarest plants on the planet. The landscaped areas are full of heather and rhododendron. The sculptures and water features will also make you feel at home and relaxed.


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