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This sprawling East Anglian city has many treasures awaiting its visitors. The cathedral dates back to medieval times, with a highlight of over 1000 bosses in the vault, each with a different religious image, and the second highest spire in England. Dragon Hall is a trading post from the 1400s, and Cow Tower, which stands near Norwich’s River Wensum, dates from around the same time. Norfolk Castle is now a museum, home to many interesting exhibits, including a butterfly collection.

Mustard company Colman’s is located in Norwich, and their legacy to the city is the The Mustard Shop, a thriving retail outlet. Many of Norwich’s buildings are fine examples of 19th century architecture, a period when Norwich was really thriving. Moving to more modern attractions, The Forum is an amazing new construction, housing the Millenium Library, and BBC Radio station, and with an amphitheatre at the front which is used for displays and exhibitions. The aforementioned library houses the 2nd Airborne Division Memorial Collection, commemorating American Air Force presence nearby. The University of East Anglia has provided several openings for the art, music and drama, and most performances welcomes visitors, while the Norfolk and Norwich Festival draws tourists in annually.


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