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Where shall we eat this evening guys?' a young stag asks his bucks. Well, the answer is well beyond the normal remit of restaurant names and even styles of cuisine. French food you desire? Then hop over to Paris! Want an authentic Guiness with that (more info) ? Pop on by to Dublin! Mind-blowing as it may seem, going abroad for your stag weekend is increasing in popularity. And why not? The combination of adventure, travel and the unknown are all vital combinations for the perfect stag weekend.

Naturally, some locations lend themselves better to others. For example, if tying the knot at a young age, there's no point flying long haul to India to find a legal drinking age of 25. Keeping it local, or at least on the same continent always works best, and with several reputable agencies available to take the organisation out of your hands for minimal cost there is no reason not to take advantage of this trend. Forget the rest, here are the top three:


Riga, much like other stag favourites caters so well to groups precisely because of versatility. A UNESCO World Heritage site, this Latvian city combines an engaging culture and history set in the backdrop of incredible German architecture whilst having a wild red light district only found in this part of the continent.


Countryside, metropolitan city and the seaside all within a brief train journey's distance away. With such a vast variety of activities on offer, from theatre to clay pigeon shooting, a weekend just doesn't seem enough.


It's all well and good for your stag location to have a vibrant history, but if what you really need is cheap drinks, all night discos and a scorching sun, it doesn't come much better then having your stag party (more info) in Marbella.
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