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Perth is one of the oldest and most interesting areas of Scotland to visit today. It was first inhabited more than 8000 years ago because of its location on the River Tay and, having grown as a result of that in more recent times, today has a population in excess of 43,000. Having been built on a major historical site, modern Perth is a former royal burgh and has a wealth of history and culture to share.

Perth is home to a number of fantastic sites that attract visitors from all around the world every year. With waterwheels and traditional industry to examine, authentic Scottish distilleries to sample and numerous romantic and historically important castles to visit, Perth has something for everyone. Huntingtower Castle and Balhousie Castle are particularly popular for those wanting to take in a little history.

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Modern culture is also important in Perth. For example, Perth Theatre and the Festival Theatre in Pitlochry offer a taste of culture with performances of plays, music and contemporary arts every year. If nature is appealing then Perth is the place to go in Scotland. There are organised safaris, falconry and fishing expeditions for the benefit of visitors. Alternatively, you can go along one of the many hiking trails and enjoy the natural scenic beauty yourself.

Perth also has a wealth of restaurants, cafes, pubs and clubs so you can enjoy entertainment and good food in the city. There is also an abundance of accommodation to suit all budgets so your trip can be as affordable or expensive as you need it to be.

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If you want to know a little more about the beautiful landscape of Perth then download the eguide that can be found here. With comprehensive information, it can tell you everything you need to know about Perth.




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