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Moscow is the capital city, and the country's most famous destination. The Kremlin, Red Square, and St. Basil's Cathedral, will dazzle and delight you. There are ancient monasteries, and fashionable shopping areas, favoured by the new Russian millionaire set.

St Petersburg, used to be the home of the Tsars and was the former capital of the country. The Winter Palace of Peter I, the Great Hermitage and the Menshikov Palace are great places to explore. Give yourself plenty of time as there is so much to see here.

A good way of seeing some of Russia's countryside is to take a river cruise between Moscow and St. Petersburg.

One of the best ways to see some of the vast expanse of Russia and to get a feel for its sheer enormity is to travel on the Trans-Siberian Railway. It's the longest continuous railway line in the world. The so called Golden Ring cities are worth exploring, for some of the country's ancient architecture. The ring goes to the north-east of Moscow and forms a circle. Along the way you'll see fortresses, monasteries, fortifications, old towns and some fabulous countryside.

Ice skating is probably one of the favourite past times of the Russian people and there are many frozen lakes all over the place during the winter months.

There are daily flights to Moscow from all major European capitals and good rail links with neighbouring countries. There are some ferries from Finland, Norway, Sweden, Germany, Turkey and Georgia. Internally there are many domestic flights, but the country does not have a particularly good safety record. Crossing the country by rail is probably the best option. Alternatively there are the roads, but some of them can be very rugged indeed.

Moscow Travel

Most of the country has a continental climate, with long, cold winters and short summers. Winters can sometimes be particularly severe, especially in Siberia.

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