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Siping City Shao Lin Martial Arts Academy

Siping City Shao Lin Martial Arts Academy

Location:Adjacent to Ye He Ancient Castle,
Jilin Province, Northern China, 136523.


If you would like to start a teaching career in martial arts, the best place to learn is the Siping City Shao Lin Martial Arts Academy. It is just next to the great ancient castle of Ye He, and the teachers and tutors offer comprehensive training based on traditional methods. Northern China is full of history and beauty, so even if you were not keen on Kung-Fuand Chinese martial arts, it would be a great place to visit. It is also an ancient shaolin meditation center, and there have been many great shaolin living here for hundreds of years.

If you would like to become a student of the Chinese martial arts, you can visit this sacred Northern China location and learn different levels of real traditional shaolin martial arts. The lessons are taught by the local shaolin monks, who are also trained to protect the tradition and knowledge. There are starter courses, as well as ones suitable to become a master of shaolin martial arts. The styles taught are Wudang mountain area, Tai chi chuan and Qi gong to preserve good health and energy flow.

In 2000, Shaolin masters joined the academyfrom theSouth of China, in order to teach Southern Shaolin kung fu as well. You are going to like the selection of courses. The only thing you should not expect is comfort and convenience; however, there are language courses and even babysitters available on site. You can also book accommodation nearby, or join the local students in the dormitory. There are plenty of traditional Chinese treatments available, like medical care and orthopedic sessions.

If you worried about your lack of Chinese language skills, you need to know that there are professional, well-trained translators and interpreters, as well as Chinese students helping you understand the Chinese expressions and methods.


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