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What holiday board basis is right for you?

Booking a holiday can be complicated – first you have to decide where in the world you actually want to go then you need to find a hotel, both at prices that will suit your budget. When you are looking for the right deal you should also consider which board basis is right for you, by deciding what you want from the holiday.

You may find a number of cheap holiday deals, then discover that you get the room only, with no catering facilities and that restaurants in the area are very expensive. All-inclusive holidays will cost more initially, but you should add up what you think you would spend on food and drink over the holiday. By planning carefully you will be able to find the right holiday and board basis for you.


Room only

Generally the cheapest option, this accommodation does what it says on the tin. Obviously the quality of the room will vary drastically depending on what you pay for it, but the basics will be the same. Room only means you get just that, with no catering facilities or meals included in the price. This is perfect if you plan to sample the local restaurants and cafes and eat all of your meals out



With self-catering you will get a room that includes kitchen facilities of some form, which will generally include cutlery, crockery, washing up implements, a hob and maybe even a microwave or an oven if you’re lucky. Self-catering is probably most suitable for those with a budget, as it gives you the freedom to try eating out some nights while you keep the cost down by cooking on other nights for yourself. Facilities can vary drastically between places so make sure you check out what is included before booking.


Bed & Breakfast

A British mainstay, if you opt for Bed & Breakfast you will get your bed for the night and breakfast in the morning. Breakfasts can vary from simple buffets to a full English depending on the hotel, and you probably won’t have cooking facilities in your room.



Half board is like Bed & Breakfast but with another meal provided – usually the evening meal, but some hotels can be flexible. This is a good way to keep costs down while having the freedom to explore away from your hotel during the day.



With Full board all of your meals will be provided by the hotel. However, save for a tea or coffee at breakfast, you will probably have to pay extra for drinks and other snacks.



All-inclusive means just that – all meals, drinks and snacks are included in the price. While an all-inclusive holiday will cost more initially, it may work out cheaper over the course of your holiday. You do have to take into account that you are tied to your hotel somewhat however - unless you don’t mind paying for one or two meals out as well.

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