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A few of them are true gems, the work of a star designer where every room has its own distinct approach. On the other hand there are various establishments who simply try to ride this wave without having anything special to offer in terms of design. In only twenty years, design hotels have developed from unique niche finds to generic commodities manufactured by large hotel chains.

In recent years, there was a trend towards a lot of style but less substance – minimalism, bare spaces, right angles, bare rooms that hide all facilities from sight. Some design hotels look more like a spaceship with minimal equipment than a hotel you would feel comfortable in. But there's hope thanks to the advent of a new generation of hotel designers that master the art of marrying style with functionality.

An example is La Purificadora hotel in Puebla , Mecixo, where local architect Ricardo Legorreta used old materials from this world heritage site and applied them in a modern way to create a truly fascinating experience for the guest. A totally different but equally mesmerising alternative is the Haymarket Hotel in London , where quirky English designer Kit Kemp mixed and matched period antiques to create 50 beautiful individually designed rooms and suites.

That's not all; some of the most famous designers in the world have jumped on the hotel bandwagon, too. Gianni Versace opened the breathtaking Palazzo Versace on Australia 's gold coast, close to Brisbane , in 2000. A second Versace hotel is expected to be launched in Dubai soon. Dubai also hosts another project that the design world is waiting for - the 688m high Burj Dubai hotel tower, designed by none other than Giorgio Armani. We hold our breath for the next generation of design hotels!

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