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Organised glamping trips let you enjoy amenities far exceeding anything most campers have ever experienced, while allowing you the same exposure to the great outdoors like traditional camping.

Typical glamping tents are solid canvas constructs, often designed with bright designer colours and materials. Prime glamping spots furnish them with hotel-style beds, carpets, chairs, desks and other furniture. They also equip them with either solar or electrical power, a stove and running water. The level of luxury you will experience in such a glamping tent is very similar to a hotel room or a high-end bungalow. Imagine smelling pine-scented air while lying in your comfortable bed, listening to the sounds of birds, crickets and the nearby sea…

If that is not enough to awaken your interest for glamorous camping we better introduce you to some of the top glamping spots in the world. El Capitan Canyon in California for instance is home to 26 deluxe camping tents and a scenic area offering plentiful outdoors activities. Another famous glamping site can be found deep in the Australian outback, offering 15 elevated tents with private decks and unrivalled views of Ayers Rock.

If you feel like visiting a more exotic country you should consider Jordan , whose rich history and culture is best experienced travelling in camel caravans and bedding down in wonderful hand-made Bedouin tents. The other end of the glamping extreme is Whitepod, 6'000 feet high in the Swiss Alps, where tents are replaced by dome-shaped pods. It's a unique experience for skiers, snowboarders and nature enthusiasts that includes all the luxurious high-tech amenities one can think of.

As you can see there are various options for glamorous camping around the world, when will you embark on your first glamping trip?

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