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It is applied successfully in several industries like no frills supermarkets, no frills cars, and of course no frills travel.

No frills or low-cost airlines originated in the United States before spreading to Europe and thereafter to most of the rest of the world. Their typical business practices include a single passenger class and a single airplane type, a simple and affordable fare scheme, unreserved seating, no on-flight meals and either encouraged or exclusive use of online reservations and electronic ticketing.

The very first no frills airline in history was Pacific Southwest Airlines who pioneered the concept already in 1949 with a first low-cost flight. Southwest Airlines became the most successful no frills carrier of the USA in the 1970s, while Ryanair and easyJet were the European pioneers in the 1990s. Nowadays no frills airlines operate very successfully all over the world.

The same can be said of no frills hotels that are mushrooming everywhere. Similar to the airlines they go back to basics, targeting the budget traveller. At the same time many of these hotels are incorporating a trend to ‘no frills chic', adding innovative design elements to create top quality experiences at bottom prices. Examples include easyHotel, a sister company of easyJet with a growing range of hotels in European cities, Yotel in Amsterdam , and the hip QT hotel in New York.

Many of the no frills airlines and hotels have excellent branding and a following of enthusiastic customers in common. No frills travel is in, even if you could afford much more luxurious services!

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