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Underwater hotels

No wonder that the demand for this specialised type of holidays is growing rapidly, and several large new underwater resorts are being built around the world.

Jules' Undersea Lodge is a former research lab that was re-launched as the world's first underwater hotel in 1986 in Key Largo, Florida. The entrance of Jules' is 21 feet under the sea and guests can stay under water for as long as they like. A visit to this pioneer underwater lodge is recommended to anyone with an adventurous spirit, it's a true Mecca for diving enthusiasts.

Europe offers two rather basic underwater hotel experiences, the Life Boat Hotel in the Netherlands and the Otter Inn in Stockholm , Sweden . The Life Boat Hotel is a former rescue ship that is still seaworthy and used for excursions during the day. The Otter Inn is both accommodation and an art project, partly floating and partly underwater.

Two new large underwater developments promise much more thrill. The Hydropolis is the most anticipated one, set to open in 2009 in Dubai. This futuristic construction will boast a huge underwater tunnel, a missile defence system, a shopping mall, a giant ballroom and 220 glass-bubble suites 20 metres under sea at 5'500 dollars per night.

The Poseidon Undersea Resort in Fiji is another massive project opening in 2009, where panoramic underwater rooms will be complemented by large beach-front bungalows with private pools. Further underwater developments are under way in Queensland, Australia, and Istanbul, Turkey.

Thus the underwater tourism space is guaranteed to remain exciting over the coming years. If you've seen it all above water you should consider splashing out on an underwater hotel for a truly unique holiday experience!

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