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Adelaide, the capital of South Australia , is characterized by its grid-like layout and the parks which enclose the city. In its early days, Adelaide was also known for its religious freedom and it is still often referred to as the ‘city of churches'. Whilst the city is a great place to view examples of early Australian architecture and Churches, Adelaide has shaken off its somewhat stuffy image to become a popular backpacker destination. Adelaide is now just as famous for the wonderful local produce found at the Central Market, great shopping and iconic brands like R.M. Williams and Festivals, such as the Adelaide Festival of Arts (held every two years in February/March).

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A visit to Adelaide would also not be complete without a trip to the Adelaide Hills and the Barossa Valley . The Barossa Valley is home to South Australia 's wine industry and it's a wonderful place to lose yourself for a day or better yet, a weekend. The region produces over 20 per cent of Australia 's wine and it is known around the world for being home to the world's oldest Shiraz vineyards. But it is not just wine that makes a trip to the Barossa worthwhile. The Barossa Valley is a charming region made of villages, country cottages, beautiful scenery, winding roads and fabulous little cafes and restaurants. To get there, hire a car or check out one of the many tour operators for more information.

Whilst in Adelaide make sure you also take some time to visit Kangaroo Island , just 110km from Adelaide and 16km from the Coast of South Australia . This will be an amazing highlight to your visit to Adelaide as this is still one of the best places in Australia to view flora, fauna and wildlife, in its natural state.

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Adelaide is an epicurean delight. With its wining and dining establishments, cultural festivals and car races, national parks and wildlife sanctuaries, white beaches and modern casinos, shopping centers and sports clubs, old castles and skyscrapers, you will never run out of things to do in Adelaide, this most unusual of cities in Australia.

Adelaide Travel

For the oenophiles, the wine-growing valleys of McLaren Vale and the Barossa Valley are just a day-trip away. For the culturally-inclined, the Adelaide Fringe Festival, the Festival of Arts, the Adelaide Festival of Ideas, and the World of Music, Arts and Dance Festival are reasons to visit Adelaide and immerse yourself in an atmosphere of multicultural fun. For the athletically-inclined, you can engage in cricket and soccer, as well as see the famous Clipsal 500 super car racing event. There is something for everybody at Adelaide. Indeed, Queen Adelaide would be so proud of her city!

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