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Travel in Afghanistan is possible nowadays, in the mostly cases, in the Central and Northern areas, where you can discover some wild and exotic places and also exotic people. Although, this is a very beautiful and unique country, you will need to have and follow certain security precautions, in order to discover the natural beauty and the proud people of the country called “ Afghanistan ”. Independent travelling in Afghanistan is very risky and also sometimes dangerous, but it is possible to visit it using an international tour company, which has economic and commercial relations in that specific area of interest for you.


Afghanistan is in fact a country on the crossroads from East to West, from the Occident to the Orient; it is a country with a very rich history, with an old and impressive architecture and also a virtual mosaic of ethnic groups and culture, from one corner to the other of it. Here we can find an impressive collection of Art and Culture, along with local and national Traditions, from ancient artifacts to the traditional and national poetry and songs, and also, beautiful mountain landscapes.

Here, just in Afghanistan, we can encounter amazing hues of blue surrounded by red cliffs, which we can see in the most wonderful lakes from the Band - I - Amir lakes (which it actually means in translation from the Arab Language " The Dams of the King"), which are in fact, some natural calcium dams, which have been built up by the nature in time, in hundreds and thousands, or even millions of years.



Afghanistan is not astonishing just for its beautiful mountain landscape. In Afghanistan you can also find some great and magnificent pieces of architecture such as the second highest minaret in the world, the Minaret of Jam that has almost 65 meters, which is built in the twelve century AD, which is surpassed only by the Qutb Minaret in Delhi from India . If we are talking about the religious part, you should know that in the, well known from some time in the whole world, Bamiyan Valley, there are the largest, and as some of the Buddhist followers or adepts say, the most beautiful Buddha statues that have been ever created in this whole big world, which are dated from the years 300 to the 600 AD.

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The Mazar-i-Sharif is one of the most stable and a peaceful place in the marvelous country of Afghanistan and it has in the centre of it, the Rawze Sharif Mosque (known by the indigenous people from these areas, the Shrine of Ali), a giant and beautiful park and the Mazar's Central Bazaar. In the heart of the Hindu Kush Mountains , there is the Keshem Valley , which is, at this specific moment, one of the most beautiful and original mountain valleys that the human have ever encountered and seen.


Also, not only the rural and isolated parts of Afghanistan are much appreciated the capital of Afghanistan , Kabul is also a beautiful and, sometimes, astonishing for its traditional and national Oriental looks. So, Kabul is now, after many statistics, the city or town, which has been built on a mountain jutting. Although it is near and literally, on a mountain, it is in some parts of it very modern and spectacular. Now in the city, you can find new and modern hotels, like Safi Landmark and Serena, where you can spend your nights in the most exquisite way, if you are a business traveler. If you want some adventure, you can climb the near by mountains, such as the Noshaq, which is really one of the world's highest mountains with 7641 meters.

Afghanistan is a beautiful country, with wonderful landscapes and people, but unfortunately, it has been the theater of many wars, which have destroyed and annihilated many of these national traditions. Still it is a worth to visit it, but take care for your safety and security.

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