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How to Avoid Long Waits in Airport Security

Have you ever wondered how to avoid long waits in airport security? Nobody enjoys waiting, but it seems to be a necessity that you can't skip-or can you? Yes, and one of the best way to reduce waiting time is to try and predict how long checkpoint lines will be beforehand. New online features may allow you to check historical waiting times for your airport's terminal. This will help in planning your schedule. Some airline companies may offer text messaging services so you can check your expected waiting times at any moment of the day.

You could also plan ahead by scrutinizing your destination location. Major cities not only accommodate tourists but also hundreds of thousands of business travelers. Some months are more crowded than others; summer and December are the most popular months for tourism, while January is often considered a major month for trade shows. If you expect heavy business traffic, then just consider the amount of laptop equipment that must be checked. It may help to start researching the city you are traveling to, to make sure that there are no large events taking place and that the airport is not experiencing any difficulties.

It may also help you to avoid certain traveling times, in addition to certain days and months. Monday mornings are universally known as huge business travel times, as well as Monday evenings and Friday evenings. In fact, early morning times of all weekdays tend to cause some long waiting. It may help you to travel between the hours of 12 to 2 pm; in fact, some airlines may even pay you for it, in the form of some food vouchers.

Many travelers have found that if they travel via different airports than their official recommendation, they may have a shorter wait. Choosing a different terminal located just a few short steps away may also help to reduce the waiting time. After all, some airports have three or more security check points.

Lastly, you can invest in a special "Registered Travel Card" that specifically puts travelers in shorter lines at 14 different airports worldwide. (A screening process is required to protect against traveling criminals) After receiving your card you can insert it into designated airport slots and then receive priority treatment.

You may have to wait while traveling, but with these solutions you could reduce the amount of time required.

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