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Alhambra has had a rich history which has seen both the good and the bad from its strategic location atop the hill Al-Sabika.

When visiting the site, you will find that almost all the work seen today at Alhambra is due to the efforts of the Moorish kings Yousuf I and Mohamed I during the 14th century. Mohamed I was the first king of the Nasrid dynasty and he setup Alhambra as the royal residence for the Moorish kings.

Later during 1492 after the Christian conquest, Alhambra underwent a significant amount of change. Charles V pulled down the Moorish palace and rebuilt it based on new, simpler renaissance architecture.

The French forces under Napoleon later wanted to blow up the palace. This plan didn't succeed, because one of Napoleons soldiers defused the bomb which was supposed to blow up Alhambra. Around 1821 further damage was cause to the citadel by an earthquake, at which point it was restored to its former glory by an architect named Jose Contreras. Today for the modern visitor there remains much to see on this site. Popular attractions include the Patio of the Lions, the Hall of the Ambassadors and the hall of the Two Sisters.

Alhambra is located in Granada city, Granada province, Spain . The Granada Airport is located approximately half an hour from Granada city. Alhambra is open from 8.30 AM to 8.00 PM from Monday to Thursday and up to 10 PM on Fridays and 11.30 PM on Saturdays during the months March to September. Throughout the rest of the year the timings are reduced due to daylight savings time.
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