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As with most destinations, Netherlands hotels range from the most basic to the most luxurious. One particular type which is rare in other places is the Botel. This is a type of hotel which is on water. Most Netherlands hotels have been given a star rating so that potential guests are aware of the standards that are offered there. Some hotels in the cities will offer an all-inclusive package that covers meals and drinks during the stay and Amsterdam in particular has an array of unique hotel accommodation.

There are plenty of deals to be found in Netherlands hotels for those who want a short break. Cities such as Amsterdam and Rotterdam are popular with weekend visitors as well as stag and hen parties and there are some hotels which will offer special packages with this in mind. Most hotels do include breakfast in the room rate and there are always other services which can be added on as needed. Most will offer complimentary services such as free Wi-Fi and tea and coffee making facilities.

The Netherlands is a country where much of the population has English as a second language, so staff in Netherlands hotels are happy to speak to guests in English and do not expect to hear any Dutch in return. It is worth noting that in some parts of the country the first language is German and many people will also have another language such as French or Spanish.

In most places such as restaurants and bars, service is included in the final bill, although some people do still leave a tip. In Netherlands hotels, it is customary to give a tip only if the service has been exceptional although in hotels where a porter will carry bags up to the room then a tip is given for that.

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