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Climbing in the Andes

The Andes is the longest exposed mountain range in the world. It is actually a continuous chain of highlands in South America. The two principal ranges of the Andes are Cordillera Oriental and Cordillera Occidental. There is a depression between these two highlands which separates them. Outside of Asia, the Andes is the highest mountain range in the world.

The Andes is a very long range and can be divided into three sections. The southern part of Andes stretches from Argentina to Chile. The central Andes encompasses the cordilleras of Chile and Peru and parts of Bolivia. The northern section comprises two principal ranges and extends to Columbia, Venezuela and northern Ecuador. The eastern section is small and extends to Venezuela alone. There are even submerged peaks of the Andes extend toward several islands on the Caribbean coast.

The formation of Andes rocks dates back to many centuries. The tectonics plate movement which formed the mountains is estimated to have started in the Jurassic period. Various sedimentary and metamorphic rocks folded, faulted, and uplifted to form this huge mountain range. The Andes rock range has several volcanic formations and many active volcanoes are encountered in the climbing paths.

With the high mountains and volcanic peaks, this range has long attracted adventurers looking for a challenge comparable to the mighty Mount Everest in Asia. The feat of scaling the mountains in this extraordinary and beautiful range is something to speak of with pride and is an exciting and challenging adventure for mountaineering enthusiasts.

Different climbing trips can be organized to climb the rocks of Andes in the different mountain regions. The Andes region of Ecuador is a major attraction for skilled climbers and trekkers. Cotopaxi is the highest peak in the Ecuador Andes. This perfect volcanic cone towers to a height of 5890m above sea level and is covered with ice. On the trek to Cotopaxi , you can see Sangay, an active volcano. To climb the Ecuador Andes region, you have to fly to Quito and then drive to Guargalla. The trekking starts from Plaza Pampa and you must be prepared for a trek along different trails to reach the peak. The trekking trip requires skill and can be risky as there are loose rocks and open craters on the mountains.

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