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Angola is a very beautiful country located in the Southern Africa, which has natural borders with the South Atlantic Ocean, and some conventional ones with Namibia and the Democratic Republic of the Congo. Angola has an incredibly beautiful landscape, very rich and varied fauna with unique and beautiful wildlife. All around the country there are 13 National Parks and Reservations in Angola , the most famous of all being the Kissama National Park , just outside of Luanda.

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Angola has huge potential, because of its beautiful and different landscapes, cultures, and colors, which it offers to its visitors. You can experience the mountains, the vast open plains, the wide and sandy beaches, the thick and tropical rainforests (which are present everywhere), and nevertheless, the dramatic landscapes with beautiful plunging waterfalls, rock formations and deep gorges. There are some places where you must go, if you are a true tourist, such as in the Leba Mountains from the Huila Province , and the Namibian Desert and the Calendula Waterfalls in the Malange. Going there and visiting these magnificent places, you will spend some high quality time, and also meet some hospitable and friendly people, which will make your stay in Angola , and unforgettable experience.

Luanda is the most important port of the beautiful country called “ Angola ”. The buildings have items of a colonial style; all of them are full of colors, but there are also some modern constructions, too. If you are a History Passionate, you will find and visit here the Museu Escravidao, The Slavery Museum , and The National Monument. Also, near these very important constructions you will find here very old and beautiful Portuguese Fort from the year 1500 (this is an approximate date), where you can enjoy from it a very beautiful and amazing view on the city or town of Luanda, and on the shores of the South Atlantic Ocean.

The climate is mostly mild because of the presence of the Atlantic Ocean . So, because of this, there are many National Parks and Reservations such as the National Park , which is a very big reserve south of the city of Luanda.

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Benguela is another big city from Angola and was founded in 1617 by the Portuguese and it is the Angola 's second city, if we are talking about the population of each city, and it is also known as the cultural capital with a small-city ambience. It is mainly surrounded by some very beautiful and also, amazing, with clean water, beaches like the world renown Morena , Kaota and the Baia Azul, and also the golden beaches Praia , Baia Farta, and even the Kaota beach .

The most popular sports from this country are scuba diving and deep sea fishing. It has all the year a tropical climate which has just some little variations. The warmest months in Angola are September and October, and the coolest are July and August . Rains are usually present between November and April.

Visitors can also take a trip to Lobito, a unique and original city from Angola , where they can see the remains of the first ancient railway line or they can also go to the Buffalo Partial Reserve , the Chimalavera Regional Nature Park or to the Mocamedes Partial Reserve , which are some attractive nature parks. Baia Azul is also a famous tourist attraction which houses the harbor of the city of Lobito

All in one, Angola is a beautiful country, with friendly and hospitable people, with a large and diverse Culture and Tradition. All in one, Angola is a beautiful country, which you should visit.

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