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Situated in the eastern Caribbean, Anguilla is a relatively small island country spanning 91 square kilometres of land mass.

The island's population is 11,510 people predominantly of black African descent. As a country with few natural resources it is heavily reliant upon international tourism to boost its economy. As a British Overseas Territory, Anguilla has a democratic governance system and is known as a country of luxurious tourism resorts with a low crime rate.

Caribbeanisland for luxury travel and accommodation and as a result tourists can expect to pay higher than normal prices. With a rapidly expanding economy in the tourism sector, Anguilla is initiating major developments to cater for the more discerning traveller although there still remain areas for the budget conscious traveler. The currency in Anguilla is the East Caribbean dollar although the use of US dollars is widely accepted.

Anguilla travel

It is rare to find many hotels catering to the budget traveler. As a 15% surcharge is added to all hotel and restaurant prices there is no need to tip in Anguilla.

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