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With a total of three islands in the eastern Caribbean spanning 441 square kilometers Antigua and Barbuda are flat, coral islands designated as game reserve.

Situated on the outer rim of the Leeward Island chain this land mass is known for its absence of forests, mountains and rivers. Most popularly known for its international cricket star Sir Vivian Richards, Antigua and Barbuda is home to 65,246 people who are predominantly of an African background. Antigua and Barbuda was discovered by Christopher Columbus in 1493 ensuring each traveler a trip which is rich in history.

The two options for travelling to Antigua and Barbuda are by air and cruise ship. Most major international airlines provide frequent flights to the VC Bird International Airport from North America and Europe. The other travel option is for travelers to arrive by cruise lines who arrive in St. Johns. St. Johns is a popular destination for many cruise lines and this option also allows travelers to visit other islands in the east Caribbean .

As a major tourist destination the island provides many menus which are designed for the European and American tourists. The local cuisine is also on offer for visitors who move away from the major tourist areas. There are also many fast food establishments although with the wide range of all inclusive resorts on the island many prefer to dine where they stay.

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