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Aruba is situated 17.4 kilometres north of Venezuela in the Caribbean Sea and is comprised of a land mass of 74.5 square kilometres. With a population of 68,675 people of mixed European and Caribbean Indian descent it is one of the smallest Caribbean nations. Aruba has a tropical climate with very little temperature variation throughout the year. .

Aruban travel

Aruba is known as a flat country with no rivers but internationally renowned for its white sandy beaches and bright blue waters. Being situated to the North of Venezuala it is moderated by the continuing trade winds from the Atlantic Ocean and protected from hurricanes travelling through the Americana 's Hurricane zone.

Historically Aruba was inhabited with European settlers of Dutch descent which has resulted in the official language being Dutch. Aruba however does have a secondary language known as Papiamento which is a combination of Spanish, Portuguese, Dutch, and English dialects. Only 10% of the population are fluent in Papiamento.

The Aruban economy is based predominantly upon tourism, off shore banking and oil refining. Each year Aruba receives over 1.5 million tourists made up predominantly of travellers from the United States. While the majority of the Caribbean tourist islands enjoy 68% hotel occupancy rate the Aruban tourism market is able to boast an 80% occupancy rate due to its stable political and economic systems. The high level of tourism in Aruba has allowed the country to significantly reduce its financial deficit and dedicate resources to the tourism industry.

Although Aruba is considered to be one of the safest of Caribbean nations for business and tourism travellers it has a high rate of drug dependence. In 1004 the US based Central Intelligence Agency identified that a high percentage of Arubans consume Cocaine on a regular basis. This drug dependency has resulted in acts of small scale thefts and trickery being encountered by foreign visitors.

The standard of living in Aruba is relatively high as opposed to other Caribbean countries and has a high standard of government service provisions. The life expectancy of Arubans is 78.3 years and unlike other Caribbean countries there is an under representation of AIDS prevalence. The Arubian government is formed on a democratic governance style based on the Dutch political system. Economic development is an important priority for the Aruban government and a significant amount of funding is provided to the education system.

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