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Things to Do in Asia

Asia is the largest continent in the world, covering almost 9% of the entire globe, and providing sustenance for over four billion people, making it also the most populated continent. Despite these impressive figures, Asia still remains more of a loose description of a part of the world which contains a vastly varied array of different sub-regions, trying to paint an overall picture of Asia is impossible, Asia is more of a descriptive word used to group certain cultures and societies, than to define physical boundaries.



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Destinations that have their own full eGuide:

Bali a delightful Indonesian location with more than beaches.

The busy exciting capital of Thailand with shopping, tours, food, nightlife and history.

Beijing is the capital of China and the start of a China tour.

Chiang Mai
Chiang Mai is the main city in the north of Thailand.

Delhi the energetic capital of India.

Goa is the popular coastal resort of India.

Hanoi the capital of Vietnam with a long history.

Hong Kong
Hong Kong a major tourism destination on the border with China

Kuala Lumpur
KL the capital of Malaysia.

An ancient city of Japan.

The seaside resort of Thailand.

Shanghai a major city on the east coast of China.

The city state of Singapore.

The capital of Japan.


Asia top destinations:

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