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It also offers some of the most adventurous off train tours that one can take from a train tour today (it is the only train ride to offer a disembarked tour which includes scuba diving, snorkelling, and a tram ride); it is this, combined with its renown luxury and opulence, that serve to make this one of the most famous and popular train rides today.



Running from Sydney to Cairns (with a stop in Brisbane along the way), this train ride also takes the traveller on a magnificent panoramic tour of the spectacular scenery of Australia’s Eastern coast scenery, consisting of lush mountains, sparkling white beaches, tropical plants, rain forests, and exotic wildlife. Its famed adventure tours include tours of the city of Brisbane, the Great Barrier Reef, and the spectacular Kuranda rain forest. The sheer luxury of the train itself is, again, the second reason to take this trip; decorated in Edwardian style and reflecting its Australian heritage, the train’s carriages are outfitted with the finest red cedar, Tasmanian myrtle burl panels, embroidered silk wallpaper, and marble-topped bars , with a stained glass clerestory roof and the finest Queensland maple furniture adorning the dining and lounge cars as well. All sleeping compartments are air-conditioned and have private bathrooms and showers, and come with 24 hour passenger service. Menus may consist of charbroiled tiger shrimps sided with crisp wonton and chili-coconut cream, a blend of Southeast Asian flavours; succulent Queensland whitefish barramundi crusted with macadamia nuts; pan-fried Moreton Bay "bugs," also known as slipper lobster, with black risotto and vanilla-and-orange beurre blanc, and a succulent beef tenderloin with green-tomato coriander sambal and roasted garlic, among many other sensational dishes. Experience the tropical scenery, wildlife, spectacular mountain ranges, and forests of the Australian coast from the extreme decadence of this train as you get one of a kind tours of the most breathtaking sites that this part of the country has to offer.

The most popular route of this railway, the Sydney-Brisbane-Cairns route, embarks from the city of Sydney, where one passes through the lush Blue Mountain range and forest as it heads out of this city; a disembarked tour to Hunter’s Valley to visit its vineyards is one of the first tours that one will make on this journey. Back aboard the train, one will pass the sparkling white beaches and sparkling blue waters of Brisbane, and, depending on the journey which one has purchased, disembark to spend two days and one night in the city of Brisbane itself. As one motors on further east, one will next pass through the stunning scenic beauty of the famous lush rain forests and mountains of the Queensland region bordered by reef. Stopping at the town of Prosperine, one will disembark here for a spectacular helicopter ride to the Great Barrier Reef, the most exciting tour of this journey; you will be flown to a platform eighty km from the shoreline called Reefworld, used exclusively by guests of this railway, from which you can snorkel, scuba-dive, swim or simply watch the marine life from the special underwater observatory. Instructors and equipment for all of these activities will be provided; exploring the Great Barrier Reef, one of the world’s greatest natural attractions, in these ways, is considered to be one of the most memorable experiences of a lifetime. A gourmet restaurant lunch is also served here as well. Journeying on towards the destination city of Cairns, one will next travel through the Macalister Mountains on the spectacular Kuranda Scenic Railway before stopping at the city of Kuranda and the Kuranda rain forest; one will disembark here for a thrilling and magnificent Skyrail cable car ride on the Kuranda Skyrail Rainforest Cableway through these rain forests. At 7.5 km (approximately three miles) it is the world’s longest sky ride; along this ride on will make numerous stops at various stations for brief walks and views of this famed rain forest, Caravonica Lake, and the information center. After this sky ride, a transfer to the train station in Cairns is provided, where this exciting rail trip of a lifetime will come to an end. Having experienced some of this continent’s most famous natural wonders in an up close and thrilling way, as well as decadent luxury and some of the most spectacular scenery in the world, one will come away realizing why this is one of the most famous rail journeys today.







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