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Azerbaijan is a captivating country of mountains, forests, medieval minarets, mosques and its world famous carpets. Azerbaijan is located at the crossroads of Eastern Europe and Asia, and has been influenced by cultures from both. Countries neighbouring Azerbaijan are: Georgia, Russia, Iran and Armenia. It was once a stopover on the Great Silk Route.

Azerbaijan sightseeing

If you want to be spellbound by some classic architecture point your toes towards the capital city Baku. There you'll find many wonderful buildings from bygone ages, particularly the 12th-century Maiden's Tower (Gyz-Galasy) and the oldest building still standing in the city, The Synyk Kalah Minaret. It dates from 1093.   

There are some stunning 14 th Century fortresses on the Apsheron Peninsula, which stretches out into the Caspian Sea. The best-preserved are those at Ramana, Nardaran and Mardakan.

For outdoor types the Azerbaijan Caucasus offer some fantastic climbs, particularly Shahdag ('King's mountain') and Bazarduzu ('marketplace'), one of the highest Caucasian peaks.

In the village of Gobustan, about 70km south of Baku, you'll find many rock paintings, some of them 10,000 years old. There are even rocks with inscriptions on them, scribbled by visiting Roman soldiers in the first century AD.

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Azerbaijan transport

Baku has an international airport and is best connected to other European cities such as London, Frankfurt and Amsterdam. There are daily buses from Istanbul in Turkey and overnight trains from Georgia. Inside the country, cars, taxis and minibuses are the fastest way to get around.

Baku has its own metro system.


Azerbaijan climate

Azerbaijan has a varied climate. It tends to be subtropical and dry in central and eastern parts of the country, and subtropical and humid in the south. It can be temperate around the shores of the Caspian Sea.

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