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The Bahamas are made up of over 29 islands the Bahamas is a unique coral limestone archipelago made up of 13, 939 square kilometers of land mass. With a population of 283,705 people almost two thirds of them live on the New Providence Island and within the capital city Nassau.

Bahamas travel

English is the official language in the Bahamas although 20,000 people are native French speakers. As a country known for it's off shore banking interests and tax free atmosphere many people travel to the Bahamas to enjoy the economic prosperity that the country offers.

The Bahamas is known is known for its convenience as a travel destination for international visitors. International flights arrive daily from London and the United States. To enter the Bahamas, people from countries other than the United States of America and Canada are required to have a passport valid for at least six months.

With the warm tropical trade winds the Bahamas is a warm tropical environment where the temperature rarely fluctuates from its average temperature of 29C. This allows for a cool casual dress code throughout the islands which leave tourists feeling relaxed and comfortable. Hurrican season in the Bahamas is between June and November and as the islands are situated within the hurricane zone all hoteliers offer a Hotel Hurricane Policy which allows visitors to cancel and receive immediate refunds.

Bahamas city travel

Arawak Cay
The Bahamas seafood paradise where the Junkanoo Summer Food Festival is held each month.

Bahamas Historical Society Museum
The world famous museum with a large collection of historic and archeological Bahamian artifacts.

Bahamas National Trust
For the avid eco-tourist, guides will take you through world famous ecological parks which take in some of the most natural bird watching tours found.

Bahamas Undersea Adventures
A tour of the Bahamian coastline in safe and affordable submarines with glass viewing holes.

Fort Montague
The 1741 fortress built to defend the Island of New Providence .

Garden of Remembrance
Visit the Centograph honoring Bahamians killed in World Wars 1 and 2.

Graycliff Inn
The historical mansion built by Captain John Graycliff in 1740.

Fragrance of the Bahamas
An 18 th century mansion which has been converted into a perfume factory that allows you to bottle and name you own perfumes.

Dean's Blue Hole
View the world's deepest blue hole which drops 600 feet into the ocean floor. This is also a must see for avid and experienced divers.

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