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The state of Bahrain is mostly a sovereign and independent country, which is situated on halfway along the West Coastline of the beautiful Arabian Gulf . It is the smallest nation in the entire Arabian Peninsula and from the Middle East region, but it has a rich cultural heritage dating back to about 5,000 years ago.

Here you will find all the time a combination of authentic Arab Culture and ancient and medieval Traditions, and the modern trends, but it is therefore quite diversified, and offers something for everyone. The country of Bahrain has been considered by many to be a very probable place of the mythical Garden of Eden, which is now mentioned in the whole Bible.

As a tourist or a globetrotter, it will be wise to avoid travelling to Bahrain during the period of the Ramadan, when things slow down considerably, on economical and social matters; the best time to come to Bahrain is between the months of November and March months, when it's not too warm or hot (in Bahrain, as in most of the Middle East region or territory, there is never too cold, only too hot).

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bahrain accommodations
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You can remain in the time of the Muslim and Islam festivals, which are marking the very end of the period of the Ramadan and the annual sacred pilgrimage to the holy place of Mecca or over the New Year's Eve. At these beautiful times there is a problem to find accommodation (such as in hotels) and the prices are, sometimes, double.

Bahrain has many fine examples of traditional architecture, historical sites, museums, craft centers and art galleries. Don't forget to visit the Muharraq Museum , which is a small building that contains many fascinating archaeological relics, texts in Arabic and English, many beautiful old copies of the Quran (the “Bible” or the Holy Book for the Muslims) for and at the ethnographic section with many traditional costumes and also utensils for cooking.

Many visitors from other Gulf countries have been attracted by the discos, cinemas, pubs, international nightclubs, and even the most exquisite restaurants with various cuisines, such as Japanese, Indian, American, French, Italian, Middle Eastern, Thai and Chinese.

Bahrain has also a number of tourists for that, the central attraction are different sports such as riding, sailing, and other kinds of water sports. For the persons who are less active, there is a gentle stroll along the Manama Cornice, a picnic in one of the many parks, a visit to the Island 's beaches or a trek into the desert.

The Shopping facilities from the country of Bahrain include all the things, from the modern department stores to the traditional Arab Market named Souk .The latest is a fantastic place, which sells everything from gold and silver jewels to clothes, to even the local or national traditional spices. Bahrain is the country where almost everything can be found.

Bahrain is quite a liberal country regarding the national annual taxations; it has excellent air, roads, and sea to sea communications, a very well developed infrastructure, a pleasant climate, and nevertheless, a liberal life style, all of that means an attractive and beautiful place for a business base for international companies and foreign investors.

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