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The country of Bangladesh is one of the most populated countries in the world with a population around 130 million, and that increases rapidly with an astonishing 2 million people every year. It is three times more populated than the neighboring state India , and seven times more populated than the country of China, the northern neighbor. After Indonesia , Pakistan and India , this country has a larger Muslim population, which has its own Muslim Traditions and Culture. The official language of Bangladesh is Bangla, but for the tourists and globetrotters, English is the most used language.

Bangladesh travel

Bangladesh attracts nowadays foreign tourists for its own old original - unique ruins and other beautiful archaeological sites, Historic and Cultural Traditional Mosques and even some monuments, amazing resorts, golden – range beaches, interesting picnic spots, rain forests and even some wildlife.

You can also visit if you have some spare time, the Mainamati - the seat of lost local or national dynasties, the Mahasthangarh - the oldest archaeological site, near the Bogra town, Paharpur - the largest known monastery, Sitakunda - one of the oldest and most famous Hindu temples in the Indian Subcontinent and the Sri Chaitanya Temple - another great and beautiful Hindu temple.

Bangladesh is world renown by its beautiful handicrafts, with a very large and beautiful variety of models and with cheap prices, such as: very beautiful fabrics, interesting printed sarees, wood and metal products, pink pearls, coconut masks, horn products, folk dolls, shital pati (generally speaking, mattresses are now considered to having cooling effects), terracotta toys, brassware's, very delicate gold and silver trinkets, interesting and very beautiful objects of ivory, scarves, purses, cane and conch shell products, gold and silver ornaments, bamboo decoration pieces, magnificent jute carpets, and even wonderful embroidered silk sarees.

All the major restaurants from this country have traditional and world - accepted western food on their menus and lists and, of course, local and national dishes, more exotic, with many kinds of curry and hot curry powders.

Living in the land of torrential rains and strong rivers all year time, the Bangladeshis have a profound relationship with the “Mother Nature”. The music from Bangladesh is therefore very emotional and ecstatic, sometimes romantic, and they use all sorts of musical instruments, such as the bamboo flute, the table and a wide variety of other stringed instruments. The traditions and culture of dance in the exotic country of Bangladesh are very old, being taken from the North and South Indian schools with some mild Middle Eastern influences.

In Bangladesh there are three main seasons in a year: the Monsoon Season, which is from May to October, the Winter Season from October to February, when the temperatures are as low as 21 degrees Celsius, and the Summer Season, which is from March to May with a maximum of 35 degrees Celsius. The Cyclone is usually two times a year: from May to June and from October to November.

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