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Barcelona Travel Guide

A historic city situated on the beautiful shores of the Mediterranean, Barcelona allows its visitors a chance to get into the heart of Spanish life and culture. Barcelona is known for its beaches, architecture, commerce and cultural life. Barcelona is home to several works of architecture by the famous Antonio Gaudi. Visitors can indulge in historic wonder, relax on one of seven beaches within the city and partake in the relaxed climate that is found in Barcelona.

The top tourist attraction in this city is the La Sagrada Familia that draws in over 2.5 million visitors a year. This temple was designed by Antonio Gaudi and construction on it began in 1882. Today the structure is still under construction with an expected completion in about 30-80 years. The original blueprints were lost during the Spanish Civil and observers may notice a difference in the structures completed during Gaudi’s lifetime and structures added later. Other notable landmarks designed by Gaudi include La “Pedrara” also known as Casa Mila, a residential apartment building and Park Guell.

Poble Espanol “The Spanish Village” is a recreation located in the heart of Barcelona. This site features several buildings designed and built to reflect the different architectural styles of Spain. It is also home to several workshops that create traditional Spanish crafts that can be purchased by visitors. Barcelona is home to several museums of Spanish art including the Picasso Museum, Miro Museum and the National Museum of Art of Catalunya.

Sports fans can purchase a packaged tour of Barcelona Football Club Museum and a tour of the Barcelona Football stadium that includes a guided tour of the facilities, VIP Room, and locker rooms. Other notable sites include the IMAX theatre, Barcelona Aquarium, Barcelona Zoo and Magic Fountain of Montjuic.

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