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The Republic of Belarus is a beautiful country situated in the center of Europe between the Baltic and the Black Seas , with borders with Poland, Lithuania , Latvia , Russia and Ukraine. It is a wonderful country with an ancient and rich history, and also a unique Culture, with unique Traditions, and it has a great potential, favourable for the whole International Tourism System.

There are many places to visit in Belarus such as: Minsk, the official capital of the Republic of Belarus, the Memorial Complex of the World War II from Khatyn, the Sports Centre and the National Folk Arts Museum in Raubichi, the Museum of Everyday Life and Folk Architecture of Belarus, the Museum of ancient national crafts and technologies Dudutki, the Historical and Cultural Reserve of Zaslavl, the Architectural monuments of Novogrudok, the world renown Beryozovka – the beautiful craftsmen town, the native land of Marc Chagall (Vitebsk City), the Botanical gardens and the Minsk Lake Cruise.

Close to the city of Brest , there is a national park called "Belavezha", between Belarus and Poland , where there have survived the Zoobr - the relict European relative of buffalo from the Northern America. This park is probably the last piece of primeval European forest and the national and international proud of the people of Belarus.

Belarus Travel

For the development of the various types of making and developing tourism, there are used here different kind of resources: the beautiful landscapes, which are representing now a very high asset and value for this country; the natural ecosystems and eco - sources, which were very little changed by the overall human activities, the curing natural mineral waters, and also the peat balneology.

There are many villages, which are full with the original traditional architecture from the old towns and cities from Belarus, and many household, which is now located in the environmentally clean regions and territories from this Eastern country, very wild territories and regions which are very rich in hunting facilities and possibilities for hunting and fishing (elk, spotted deer, foxes wood and even great grouse, wolves, bears etc.), and many water streams with very rich and varied, or diverse, fish stocks. This Eastern country has over 11,000 lakes, approximately 3,200 rivers of more than 4 km in the whole country, or even more in length, and more than 22,000 small and very small rivers, which make this country a blessed one.

Because the hotel industry in the country of Belarus is pretty poorly developed nowadays, the agro-tourism is becoming now popular, but if you are going there, do not expect a five star service on all of them, or on the most of them. You can find clean and safe houses, with good utilities and facilities, but primitive by the very high Western Standards. Some ways to spend time in the forests and lakes from Belarus are can fishing, gathering berries, mushrooms and flowers, daydreaming on the sunny edge of the forest or rural landscape, swimming in any lake or river without lifeguard .Overall if we are thinking, Belarus's small lakes and rivers and the pine forests found near them, are one of the most interesting landscapes that you will ever see.

The restaurants from the Eastern Republic of Belarus have Belarusian, Slavonic, European, and even Chinese and Exotic Cuisine, and these restaurants are opened noon - midnight or no day off, with live or phonic music every time.

In Salihorsk, there is a unique and original place for respiratory diseases where, in man-made caverns, dated back from the old salt excavations, there can be treated people with respiratory problems and issues. For general health, spas with hydro - massage, sauna, and different medical prophylactic procedures, such as oxygen cocktails, inhalation is widely available for pretty low fee and price, if we compare it to the Western World.

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