Belgian Cuisine

Belgium is a small Western European country, half of which is French speaking and half of which is Dutch speaking. This mix of cultural backgrounds has led to a fairly unique cuisine including a number of dishes and items which are really quite naughty! Belgian chocolate is famous the world over, fries are served with just about everything, and waffles are very popular too. Belgium even tops the charts in terms of the drinks which accompany and often go into these meals - Belgium beers!

Belgian Cuisine

Visitors will not necessarily visit Belgium for the prime purpose of sampling the food, but once you are here it's difficult to refuse and dangerous for the waistline!

Belgian Chocolate is the most famous of foods made in Belgium and the country is particularly renowned for the praline variety. There are several Belgian chocolate manufacturers who have broken into the world market and are now household names, such as Leonidas, Neuhaus, Guylian, Godiva and Cote d'Or. Many of these were established in Belgium 's capital city, Brussels, and hence Brussels is an excellent place to visit to stock up on chocolates, though you will find chocolate shops in every city across Belgium as well!


Belgium Cuisine

Belgians are very fond of fries, as after all Belgium invented the 'French' fry! In French speaking areas these are called 'frites' and in Dutch speaking areas they are called 'frieten'. Mussels served with fries, and steak and salad with fries are both said to be national dishes!

Waffles are very naughty but nice! They may be served as desert in restaurants, though are also very popular bought freshly made from a street vendor and are great with whipped cream and chocolate sauce on top!


Belgium cuisine

Finally Belgium is very well known for its Belgian beers, of which there are over 500 different varieties. Beer connoisseurs will love 'Beer Mania' in Brussels because they stock over 400 different types of beer, though it's not suggested you try them all!

The main airport in Belgium is located near the capital, Brussels, though a popular way to enter Belgium is by train on the Eurostar from London.

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