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Benin, a very beautiful country located in the West Africa , is bordered to the east with Nigeria , to the north with Niger and Burkina Faso, and also to the west by Togo. Although many say no, this country has a great potential for the domain of tourism . For lots of visitors, the rich cultural and traditional diversity of these people makes this country very interesting.

The population is approximately made of 6.5 million souls, made up nowadays of almost twenty different socio - cultural and traditional groups, each of them having a distinct history, language, and traditions. Benin 's people, however, are friendly and hospitable, showing a remarkable openness and warmness, with which they welcome all the strangers in their country and engage conversations. Porto - Novo is the official capital, while the city of Cotonou is the seat of the national government in the country of Benin.

Nowadays, the government of this country is striving to develop this sector of the economy and finance, there are many hotels managed by the Sheraton and the French PLM chain like the Benin Sheraton, opened in the year 1982, managed entirely by the French-PLM chain like: the Hotel Aledjo and the hotel Tata - Somba in Natitingou. Less expensive hotels in this country there are the Hotel de la Plage, Les Routiers in Parakou, and other ones in the Abomey, Porga.

You can find here many tourist attractions in Cotonou , including Fidjrosse Beach , shopping in marcher Dantokpa and an art gallery in the artisanal center, in Abomey - the Royal Palaces decorated with very interesting and exotic bas-reliefs. In Port Novo, in the Musee Honme (Palais Royal), there are personal effects of the King Toffa, including many exclusive photographs and his royal carriage, Also, only here you will find the Ethnographic Museum of Porto Novo, a charming museum containing a very good collection of historical artifacts, and also here in the town center there is the Jardin Place Jean Bayol, a place graced by landscaped gardens. In the “da Silva Museum” there is presented the turbulent history of Benin , from its prosperous 17 th and 18th centuries, with the beginnings from the African Dahomey Kingdom until the present - day pseudo - democracy.

These people have built many hunting and fishing lodges in the two national parks. Park National de Pendjari is the biggest, which offers an exciting range of species. Most of the shopping centers or malls from Benin have many wonderful and amazing illustrations, which are showing what they will and are actually selling.

Some of them will be very big and will cover almost all of the whole shop with great, well done paintings, colorful and extraordinary charming. In the Fetish Market or along the roadside in some of the beautiful little towns and cities from Benin, and in the museum shops you can buy voodoo dolls that have pins stuck into them, traditional – cultural wooden masks, very nice baskets, pottery and woven fabrics.


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