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When one thinks of Bermuda, images of pink sand, cerulean blue waters, eternal sunshine, and vibrant reefs come to mind. You can snorkel and dive, fish and sail, and just soak up the sun in this slice of Eden that many celebrities call home.

You can indulge in your love for gourmet cuisine and fresh seafood, golf to your heart's content, sway to reggae and Calypso music, fly a Bermudian kite, visit old lighthouses and forts, and be one with the locals. Indeed, the North Atlantic Ocean is definitely generous towards this British overseas territory, which has resulted in an enchanting mix of Atlantic charm and British gentility.

Travelling around Bermuda is somewhat harder than other Caribbean countries as there are no hire car facilities. However there is a quality public transport system and also scooters for hire which allow visitors to the island to explore all that is on offer. The Bermuda Government wishes to protect the natural environment and has placed ban on hire cars to reduce traffic and pollution upon the island.

Visitors to Bermuda are impressed by the cultural mix that the island has to offer. The culture of Bermuda has a mixture of American, Irish, Scottish, Spanish and African cultures which allows visitors a truly international experience. Bermuda has a diversified culture which is based on European influences with exposure to international infusion. Bermuda is the home of the International Film Festival each year which results in an influx of business and entertainment travelers.

For visitors coming from further abroad a trip to Bermuda is a perfect opportunity to have a stay over in a European or American city before of after your Bermuda experience.

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