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At the size of the Switzerland, the country of Bhutan is located in the heart of the Great Himalayan Mountains. “The Last Shangri - La” or the “Land of the Peaceful Thunder Dragon” is a very attractive place for the all the tourists from all around the world, because it is a great opportunity to know the Himalayan Buddhist Culture and Traditions, and also to see all magnificent mountain landscapes.

Bhutan offers a great variety of programs to suit all the interests that have a great ranging from bird watching, mountain biking, walking, photography, and even Buddhist pilgrimages, until the treks through majestic mountainous terrain.

All travelers which come in this country will admire the conservation area Phobijka - a very old, almost ancient glacial valley which lies on the borders with Black Mountain National Park. Here you will be able to see most interesting wildlife preserves in the country of Bhutan, where the tourists can view their own roosting places and with barking deer, the wild boars, the beautiful leopards, the Himalayan black bears and even with the red foxes. The Satkeng Wild - life Sanctuary is nearby, and it is a place that you must visit, if you go to Bhutan.

Tourists can visit also Paro and Thimphu , which is the only world capital without any traffic lights. Thimphu is a gallery of traditional - cultural Bhutanese art, architecture, culture, and traditions, and above all still so ethnic and natural, pure, lies in a deep sylvan valley, on a hillside on the bank of the river by the same name. The “Trashi Chhoe Dzong” or in translation to English, “The fortress of Glorious Religion”, and the Memorial Chorten are some of the most old archeological sites, which are worth to be visited.


Bhutan travel


In his history, an important place is Trongsa, which is now located almost in the fixed center of the marvelous mountainous country of Bhutan. The Trongsa Dzong, which was built in the year 1644 by Chhogyel Mingyur Tenpa, is a very big fortress with a real labyrinth of beautiful temples, amazing corridors and even offices. Trongsa can be sometimes, for the foreign tourists, a very good and “exotic” “shopping center” in this not so big country, where the local population actually weaves in its own and original textiles from the very beautiful hand - dyed wool and the unique Tibetan - original Bhutanese shopkeepers will sell them at a less amount and at even better competitive prices than the which are now found in the middle of the city of Thimpu.

Bhutan is a country, a mountain country, which is opened for tourists every time of the year, but if you want to have a memorable stay here, better is to come during spring season or the autumn season, in order to see the best festivals. The weather is not so cold or hot and avoid the monsoon season when usually rains, between June and August.

A week or two in this beautiful country will change you forever, speaking in a very good manor, and will make you to come back here another time, not alone, but with your friends and family also.

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