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Bosnia & Herzegovina Travel

Bosnia & Herzegovina is now a safe and secure place to visit, every time of the year, and it remains until now one of the last undiscovered regions and territories of the Southern Alps , an ideal place for the entire mountain holiday destination. Only here, the Eastern and Western civilizations met, the exclusive and exquisite Orient with the unique and original Occident, basically, it is a beautiful country with a vast array of mountain landscapes, Cultures, Traditions and even with diverse people.

In the past, some 15-20 years ago, it was one of six units of the Republic of Yugoslavia, but this brave country, won its independence in the Yugoslav Wars in the 1990s. The country is populated by three different and unique ethnicities: Croats, Serbs and Bosnians (Bosnian Muslims), which have persistent problems and issues until they formed these stable states. After the Yugoslav Wars had put a hard imprint on the zone or area, the infrastructure was massively destroyed, problems and issues appeared quickly with the coming unemployment, but fortunately, the events from Bosnia & Herzegovina were a little better than in some of the other splinter countries of the former Yugoslavian Republic, though, with lower monetary inflation and lower debts.

Only here, you can visit the National Museum of Bosnia & Herzegovina, founded in the year 1888, the oldest among the modern Cultural, Traditional and Scientific institutions; here you can also see many other collections which now exist only through a hard and intense research work, exchange and gifts to and from the Museum, including a rich library with many diverse and old books and even important documents.

The aggression against Bosnia & Herzegovina and the long Yugoslavian War that followed between 1992 and 1995, caused the direct and indirect devastation and damage to the major old buildings, but some of them were saved because there were many people that did not leave the Museum, even in the most difficult of circumstances that occurred.

You can visit the beautiful city of Sarajevo, which is actually located in the beautiful Sarajevo Valley , surrounded from many parts by the big and great Dinaric Alps and also situated near the wonderful Miljacka River . This country is very famous now in the whole world, because of its own Traditional and Cultural religious variety, or lets say diversity (the Islam, the Orthodoxy, the Catholicism and even a lot of Judaism followers are coexisting peacefully in this small territory or land). Nowadays all the city is arriving to the post - war actual reality, and it travels a hard period of transition, as a big and important center of the Culture, Traditions and even the Economic development in the region and its territories. Driving at night in this country is not recommended: there are regeneration programs because roads in Bosnia & Herzegovina are of varying quality (many of the roads, and a big part of the road infrastructure, are made by a very low quality). You can use taxis and buses, which are also available nation - wide.

The country of Bosnia & Herzegovina was recently, a very top performer in the past years, in terms of the tourism and the transportation actual development; tourist arrivals have grown by an average of 26% on an annually basis, and according to a very good estimation from the International Tourism Organization, the country will have constantly the third or the forth highest or biggest tourism and transportation growth rate in the whole wide world, between the actual years 1996 and 2021, which is a very good thing, which eventually will eventually make from this country, a prosperous one.

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