Boys Town, Nuevo Laredo Mexico


One of the closest and busiest red light districts to the US is the one in Nuevo Laredo, Mexico which goes by the name of Boys Town. The name is appropriate to say the least as this is where a lot of guys go and have the time of their lives. Of course the current situation in the Northern Mexico area is not the safest right now, but police presence has made this small area a safe spot to walk around. Of course you have to always be alert because things can get out of control, but overall you should be safe.

Boys Town, Nuevo Laredo Mexico


Just like you would expect in a lot of border towns, prostitution is out in the open, the difference is that in Boys Town it is not only out there, it is also legal. The Zona is the area where prostitution is legal and it is about five square blocks. Brothels are easily found and some prostitutes will also work in the many clubs in the area. It is not rare to find street walkers, but you should be careful any time that you hire one just as you would when you go to a brothel or a club. There are clinics in the area, but a lot of the women do not test themselves regularly.




You could not visit Boy's Town in Nuevo Laredo without visiting the cantinas and bars. You should not expect to hire a lady in one of them as most are actually just bars, but you could get one that has stopped for a drink. If you like to drink when you are having a good time then you will enjoy these cantinas and bars. You can get beers for about 2 dollars each, and sometimes even less. It is not recommended that you drink too much because you can lower your guard when you are intoxicated, but knowing that you have the option is great especially when you are in a large group. Some will hire women to dance with patrons for a small amount of money.

Strip Clubs

Strip clubs in boy's town are in most cases more than just a strip club. You can hire the girls for more than just a dance if that is what you are looking for. The strip clubs are safe for the patrons and the great majority of the girls are of Mexican descent so variety is not necessarily something that you will find. At the entrance of most strip clubs you will find hostesses dressed in sexy clothing, but they are not always strippers so treat them as hostesses only. You are also able to find transsexual bars if that is what you are looking for.

More Information

The boy's town section of Nuevo Laredo can be reached by taxy right from the border if you are crossing by land. It takes about five to seven minutes to get there and you can park on the US side of the border for about 8 dollars for the night. Make sure that you are not flashing your money around because even though there is a police presence you can still be targeted by criminals. If you take care of yourself you could have a place that you keep coming back to without ever spending so much money.
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