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Brazil is a massive country, almost twenty four times the size for Germany. And to fly from one end to the other takes one hour longer than from New York to London. So, when describing Brazil, the first word that comes to mind is big. The second is diverse.

Brazil travel

It describes the variety of geographic and climate conditions; the people who came in various waves of immigration to massively out-number the indigenous peoples; and cultural diversity, a consequence of the size of the country and immigration.

Whilst diverse in many ways, the country is united in others. For a continent that is massively larger than Europe it is surprising that one language, Portuguese, is spoken by the whole population. Certain passions also act as bonds: the passion for carnival, for football and for music. These features dominate the rhythm and energy of life, give it colour, stir passions, and make it such an exciting place to be.

Brazil travel

The architecture of Rio de Janeiro combines traditional structures dating back to the 16th century with modern contemporary constructions. Rio de Janeiro is a city in which Samba was invented, and music still forms a large part of day-to-day life in Rio de Janeiro. History lovers can lose themselves exploring to 50 or more museums which can be found within the city of Rio de Janeiro, in a similar light art lovers can exploit the wonderful theatres, art galleries and other cultural highlights to be found within the city.

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