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British Columbia ferries

Stunning views of breathtaking coastline can be viewed inexpensively as you travel in a ferry. Starting at Tsawwassen and travelling to Schwartz Bay, the ferry is public transport that lets you explore the dynamic coastline and view the waters of Active Pass. Visitors are also able to explore the incredible coastal forests during the trip to Vancouver Island .

The two largest cities in British Columbia, Vancouver and Victoria , are connected by the British Columbia ferries. In the Strait of Georgia , there are a number of islands which can be explored only through this ferry trip. The British Columbia Ferries are the only source of public transport to reach the gulf islands. Several of the northern and southern islands can be reached in ferries and you can spend time on the islands viewing the natural flora and fauna.

The fleet of British Columbia ferries has vessels of varying sizes and shapes. Both locals and tourists can access this transport to the nearby islands. In total, the fleet has 35 boats; carrying passengers between the two largest cities. In the larger boats, you can find restaurants, cafeterias and refreshment areas. These boats allow tourists to enjoy a pleasant trip. Spectacular coastal views can be observed from the ferries as you travel through the gulf islands.

Several ferries travel on a number of different routes to take you to different parts of the gulf islands. Though its not possible to explore all the gulf islands via the ferries, you can get stunning views of the islands and visit a number of them with the ferries. As the public transport system runs the ferries the prices are very reasonable for adults and children under the age of five are able to travel for free.

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