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Brunei Darussalam, is one of the oldest sovereign nations from the Asian Continent, is an independent nation ever since the year 1984. This country is located on the Northwest Coastline of the Borneo island Brunei. The climate of the Asian country Brunei is a temperate equatorial one, with very high rainfalls and sharp temperature throughout the year long. The temperatures are between 24 to 33 degrees Celsius and from November to March tend to bring heavier rains, all the time.

This country is indeed a unique tourist destination and gateway to tourism excellence in South East Asia because it has attractive places to be visited and experienced and this country can change your entire conception about life, in general. For the longer or short holydays, the marvelous country called “Brunei”, can be interesting in the multi – destination and attractions trips, all of them having in combination cities such as the Kuala Lumpur, the Occidental Singapore, the Philippines Manila, the exclusive Bali, and even the exclusive and exquisite Dubai. It is a tranquility and safety & security place, with first class facilities and distraction free of the environment territories and regions, and this destination is ideal for all the focused and also productive trips, for all the business meetings, interesting brainstorming sessions, important corporate retreats, and also for the team and company building events or even ordinary conferences.



Clean and pollution free environment is a great as for the country of Brunei , refreshing tourist destination offering a richly diverse natural environment (such as equatorial woods and traditional Brunei buildings), Malay Cultural and Traditional heritage and activities such as golf and diving from the first class. A holiday in this beautiful place is like a break from the hectic pace of urban living from many of the US and Western cities.

The equatorial rainforests and the National Parks are rich in Flora and Fauna, with an abundance of traditional and historic houses on stilts, many magnificent mosques, and even the Jerudong Theme Park, all of these places are among the uniqueness and originality of Brunei Darussalam. The Ulu Temburong National Park is now the first and only National Park in the country of Brunei Darussalam, and also the biggest of them all, at the confluence of the amazing Temburong and the beautiful Belalong River, and it usually covers 55,000 full hectares of the big tropical rainforest.

The tropical rainforests of Brunei are among the most richest and also most varied eco - systems in the entire world, with many wonderful forms and also structures, which have evolved over many, many thousands of years in the time, and there are now standing very proud, pointing at the sky.

In Brunei , as a tourist you will find many spectacular festivals, which are always celebrated with lots of colors, with enthusiasm and happiness by young and old people also, everyone from different and unique & original races come together in a spirit of unity. Here you will find unity in diversity every time you will come. Here you will never see wars, religious wars. The Bruneians are generally very tolerant and will understand that visitors, that they don't know their Cultural and Traditional customs, along with the Islamic traditions Although this is quite a liberal country, you will need to take care, that in Brunei, in deference in the actual Muslim community, alcohol is prohibited, it is a forbidden product, but private consumptions by the Non - Muslims is an allowed thing, although. The Non - Muslim foreign tourists are on just allowed with a gentle and little discretion in the medium and big hotels and in some restaurants, but take care, because this is a very delicate aspect in this country.

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