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Burkina Faso Travel

Burkina Faso is an impoverished African country. The interesting and also mysterious country of Burkina Faso, a former French colony in the West Africa, some hundreds of years ago, is now surrounded by six countries: Mali in the North, Niger in the East, Benin in the South - East, Togo and the country of Ghana in the South, and Côte d'Ivoire in the South – West.

Burkina Faso is a country which has the capital in the city of Ouagadougou. The main rivers of the country are the Mouhoun (The Black Volta), the Nakambé (The White Volta) and the Nazinon (The Red Volta). Geographically and geologically, the country consist of a plateau with a height average around 400 meters, which has in the South – West the massif Banfora.

The name of this country means in translation to English, “The Land of the Very Honest Man” from translation in the English Language, from the local, indigenous languages from this country (mossi and also dyula), and it is the best destination for those who still want to get in full touch with the actual Culture and the Traditional music from the African Continent, or even to see all the beautiful and breathtaking mountain landscapes from this part of the African Continent.

Burkina Faso Travel

The climate is in general a tropical one, from two diverse and different, and also distinct seasons: a very humid and rainy and very humid season between May and September and the dry and non – humid season when dry wind blows from the Sahara Desert and the temperatures are between 42ºC and 50ºC. The best time to visit this country is, in a general opinion, between the autumn – winter months, November and even February. In January the basic temperatures are between 7ºC - 13ºC.

In the capital of the Burkina Faso, the International Fair of Arts and Crafts and the Cinema Festival, are the most important tourist attractions, which take place every two years in the capital of this country, and these meetings and festivals are the ideal opportunity to know the most important things from the African industries of Cinema and Crafts .Other festival is in the big city of Bobo – Dioulasso, where you, as a tourist, can enjoy an interesting National Culture Week during which the different cultures from the country Burkina Faso, can be known through their ethnic musical and artistic representations. Burkina Faso is most famous as a country, for its music and if you are interested in learning West African drumming here is the place where you have come and learn from some of the greatest masters in this musical domain.

If you have some free or extra time, you can go for a good visit in Bangr Weogo National Park from the city of Ouagadougou, in order to see hundreds of different plants, birds and even wild animals, in the Wilde Life Park from Ziniaré, where there is a very important variety and diversity of the captive animals like the beautiful elephants, elegant antelopes and even lions, or as a tourist you must go in the center of the town of Koudougou, where inhabitants or indigenous are worshiping the crocodiles; also, you can even sit now next to these peaceful and beautiful animals, and even take a shot or a picture with all of them. The best place for hunters in Burkina Faso is the Reserves and ranch of Nazinga.

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