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The small, but beautiful country of Burundi is situated in the Africa's Great Lakes regions and territories, and its western border is adjacent to the Lake Tanganyika. It has the most temperate climatic and thermo conditions from this side on the beautiful Equator, and especially from the whole Meridian Africa, sometimes it is considered like the Eden in the heart of Africa , the “Garden of Eden” from the Holly Book for Christians, the Bible. It has a fascinating history, with its earliest inhabitants being the Pygmy peoples, and with many customs and traditions, which can be seen all around and inside it.

Burundi is a truly African country, which is rich in folk art. It has some of coolest and the best indigenous dance groups, which are particularly well known in the entire world that, they represent some of the most original drumming Cultures and Traditions; they have toured many diverse capitals from the whole world like the Western Washington, the Asiatic Tokyo and even the Occidental Berlin and Paris, among many, many others.

Drumming and the Drumming Art, is a very important and part of the Burundian Cultural Traditional Heritage, and the dance often is accompanied by the drumming performances. These customs you frequently see in the celebrations and by the family gatherings, ceremonies and also rituals from all around the “Black Continent”.

Burundi Travel

In Burundi , the people speak Kirundi, French, and even Swahili. Only 12% of all the Burundian boys (male persons) are nowadays allowed to attend a secondary school education, and, because of this unhappy custom or tradition, the oral tradition is very strong and also relays the history and the actual present life lessons through the story telling, poetry, and even song, only orally, nothing written. The most popular sport is football (European Football), also known as soccer, but basketball and also track field are the most highly noted sports.

Crafts and Craft Products are an important art form in Burundi , and there are very attractive gifts to many tourists such as: basket weaving, masks, shields, statues, and especially pottery.

62% of all the Burundians are Roman Catholic, and are Christians, 8% - 10% are Muslims, and the rest are following indigenous beliefs.

The tourism and transport industry is still at its beginnings, but there is an ample and big business opportunity for the actual development of this country, because of the Lake Tanganyika is now globally, internationally world - famous for its brute beauty. Other points of big interest in the country of Burundi include the : Bujumbura, the country's capital, on Lake Tanganyika, Gitega, the ex - former capital, with its many museums and also traditional handcraft centers and the Mosso zone at the South - East, with its big and abundant wildlife, in every corner of it.

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