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Cairo could very well be a time capsule. As big a metropolis as any in the world, it nevertheless preserved its glorious history in monuments that are larger than life and far more breathtaking than postcards could ever show. From the Hanging Church, the Virgin Mary's tree, Heliopolis, and the Cairo Tower to the crowning jewels of Egypt's ancient architecture - the Sphinx and the Pyramids, Cairo pulses with a vitality that is both infectious and awe-inspiring. Go back in time to when Cairo was named the city of a thousand mazans. You can easily return to the present when you go for jaunts in its modern districts or dig into a scrumptious meal of tahini, felafels, and the national dish, Molohia. Whether you're visiting the city for its history, architecture or city life, there is something waiting for you in Cairo.

Cairo is possibly the most diverse city in the world, from its internationally famed historical sites to its modern commercial zones and everything in-between, Cairo is a city like no other. The city has earned many names over the centuries; the City of a Thousand Minarets, reflecting the fact that each morning witnesses a veritable cacophony of prayer song, The Jewel of the Orient, implying quite truthfully that Cairo can be a city of outstanding beauty, to present just a pair.

No discussion of Cairo can take place without mentioning such incredible historical sites as the Great Pyramid and the Sphinx; these two ancient sites have inspired whole generations of history lovers with their unique blend of both majesty and mystery. There are many more equally impressive places of significant historical and archaeological interest both within Cairo itself and close by in the surrounding areas.

Cairo Travel

Cairo is not all about history though; it also has a culture of its own, which it reveals to visitors who take the time to look closer. The Cairo Opera house is a magnificent building, which is equipped with a world class audio and visual system, allowing it to present top rate performances to hundreds of thousands of visitors each year. The theatre complex can seat almost 3000 people within its three separate auditoriums, and presents a regular schedule of productions throughout the year.

As the day ends, Cairo begins to display a completely different side of its character. Night time is without a doubt the best time to get out into the street markets to find those local bargains. Restaurants abound, offering both traditional Middle Eastern cuisine and western favourites, many follow a theme, some can be found floating on the River Nile. Many city plazas become social meeting points once the sun goes down, with local inhabitants exchanging conversation, whilst musicians play Arabic music in the open air.

There can be no doubt that Cairo provides an experience that is like no other, a heady mixture of traditional Arabic culture fused almost seamlessly with western ideals. A fascinating city with a thousand faces and a surprise around every corner. The Melting Pot of Modern and Ancient Egyptian Civilisation is a term that has been used to describe Cairo frequently, and with good reason, no other city in the world can offer a glimpse into ancient life and culture whilst providing such a modern lifestyle.

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