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Cambodia is an Asian country bordered by Laos, Thailand and Vietnam, situate in the South – East Asia. The monsoon climate gives this unique and original country, two distinct seasons - a dry season, with little and short rains from November till April followed by six months of intense rainy season between the months May and June. Temperatures can approach 40 degrees Celsius in the month of April, but the coldest month of the year is January.

Cambodia Travel
If you will venture into the wilds of the North - Eastern territories and regions on a nature trek, mountain biking or simply by foot explore, you will find friendly tribes, which will welcome you every time you will enter there unique and original world. In south are inexplicably, most of the time, un - crowded beaches and if you will go to the Mekong River, which is situated in the middle of the country, you will be able to see the old and ancient fabled mythical temples from the Angkor Wat. It is recommended to go deeply in the “inner core” of the jungle, where there are rocks in the river Kbal Spean, known as “The River of the Thousand Lingas”, which have been carved between the 11 th and 13 th Centuries.

In the very last years the actual number and the quality of all the Cambodian Hotels and Resorts, have increased with many international and global hotel brands such as the world renowned Sofitel and the glamorous Inter - Continental. There are many very small guests - houses and many motels or local hotels, which are present in all the major tourist zones in the traditional colonial style, with excellent menus among all the great international fare. The main attractions are lying around the beautiful and historical site of Siem Reap ( Angkor ) and the full of Oriental Culture and Traditions Phnom Penh (the capital) and the Sihanoukville (Kompong Som).

Siem Reap has two main big and diverse markets: the Central Market and the Old Market , where you can negotiate prices for the many diverse and unique items on sale such as beautiful glassware, freshwater pearls, natural soft Cambodian silk, and bed covers.

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