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To see all of Canada could take a lifetime. From the bustling metropolises of Vancouver and Toronto to the great north and the icy Rocky Mountains in all their glory, towering high above the evergreen forests this place is unlike any other. This is a place for adventure and one that is perfect for some truly unique and amazing tours. From icy mountain train tours to river boat tours that careen through the lush forests, where a vast array of wildlife abounds, there is simply so much to see here.

Adventure seems to be the main theme among tours in Canada, as the wilderness here is a draw for so many travelers from around the world. The big cities offer a nice change of pace and in cities like Toronto and Vancouver the culture is so diverse, making city tours fun, entertaining and enlightening. Vancouver is a city with a heavy Asian influence and this can be seen in the culture as well as the fusion cuisine that blends Asian influence with traditional fare. Food and wine tours are highly recommended here and throughout the country which has its own unique scene, blended from cultures that have come here from around the world.

For hunting, fishing this is a wonderland full of different tours for the outdoor enthusiast. Wildlife and nature Safari's are perfect for those looking for a unique tour that will teach them of the beautiful natural surroundings that stretch coast to coast. Train journeys and cruises are also available and these tours will give travelers a unique perspective, taking in the best of Canada from land to sea in an experience that will take your breath away. This is such a vast country with so much to see, so be sure that you schedule your time accordingly and take part in a tour that will fit your own individual interests.



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