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Cape Verde represents a little group of little islands in the warm and comfortable North Atlantic Ocean, West from the near – by country of Senegal , and also South from the little and fragmentized Canary Islands. Cape Verde represents now an ex - former old Portuguese colony, and has a very rich and diverse (or let's says exotic) history and expressed in some of the Cape Verde restaurants.

Now it is an independent and autonomic country, which is contained from 10 islands and also 5 islets in the total of it. 

The Capital of the Cape Verde Country is the city of Praia , which is located on the island of Santiago. The languages spoken in this diverse and so unique country are Portuguese and Crioulo. The major religion is Christianity.

Cape Verde has one of Africa 's most stable democratic governments. All the newly made Privatizations and also Foreign Investments - especially in the tourism and transports domains of activity - brought only very slow positive results in the economic and financial sectors, but tourism is now the nation's main growth industry segment or domain, and the country remains very prosperous if we are comparing it to the limited Western African Local – Regional standards.

The Cape Verde Government is currently offering tax breaks as incentives for all of their investors. Presently, Cape Verde is visited by 140,000 tourists each year, and in the future, such as the year 2017 it is strongly anticipated that the actual tourist real number should just increase to more than 580.000 foreign tourists and visitors per year.

Cape Verde travel

Cape Verde has the lowest temperatures of any country in the West Africa , from a minimum night - time average temperature of 18°C in February, to a maximum daytime average of 28°C from the months May to November, because of the great and powerful ocean currents and offshore winds. In the Northern islands, the summer temperatures are cooler and the atmosphere is very dry, than in Europe and in the Southern islands, especially in Fogo, where the atmosphere can become hot and sticky. From December to March, a tourist will need a sweater in the evenings, especially at the higher altitudes and in the winter months many of the tourists will feel gusty winds, which can blow very easily in dust all the way from the Sahara Desert .

Here, in the islands from the Cape Verde, there can be practiced many sports like kite - surfing or wind - surfing, and can be done many activities such as fishing, walking on the shores or just diving in the blue and clean ocean, which surrounds the islands.

From the month of May to the month of September, every year, more than 3000 loggerhead turtles come on the Cape Verde's beaches, especially in Boavista. A Spanish organization - the Natura Team 2000 is working in Boavista to assess the own status, the distribution, and even the abundance of the turtles in Cape Verde . The team is formed by scientists and also volunteers, who have tagged thousands and thousands of loggerheads from the beaches of the island and some, are being highly equipped with many scientifically and technologically equipment and they follow their own migratory routes. You can make an evening or a night visit to the camp and meet the Natura Team and learn about their important work, see the turtle hatcheries and watch the female turtles that are coming ashore to lay their eggs.

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