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The Central African Republic Travel

The Central African Republic is one of the poorest countries in the world and it borders with the Chad in the North, with the North – African Country of Sudan in the East, the Republic of the Congo, and also with the Democratic Republic of the Congo (also known as Zaire) in the Medial South, and the Cameroon to the Far West. As the name says, this country is situated in the center of Africa in the Equatorial zone (area). This country has many natural landscapes including Savannahs, deserts, forests, and river basins, all contained by this rich country, if we are talking about the beautiful landscapes, just. The capital of the Central African Republic is Bangui , and the spoken languages are Sango and French.

Travelling in this country you will see that at the section of accommodation, this country has no international hotel brands and private investment and a very few of its hotels are at international tourism standard levels. The government from this country is trying to develop the transport infrastructure, in order to energize the economy and nevertheless the tourism. This country is also investing in the ecotourism section, as a means to encourage the economic development of the poor local communities while protecting the environment. The World Bank gave this very poor country some financial and economic support to develop the local ecotourism, but regional instability remains a great problem in these days also.

From October to the end of February or March, there is the dry season with the North - Eastern trade winds and temperatures, which are ranging between 20°C and 42°C; it is warm, sometimes hot, during the day but it is considerably cooler and harsh at the night, and the sky is generally clear all the time, with no rains. In the rainy season there are heavy rainstorms and the daily temperature ranges between 18°C and 29°C.

The country is generally in the old Savanna area of the African Continent, the Northern zones are all the year treeless and the Southern portions of the entire country are containing dense Tropical and Sub – Tropical rain forests , especially along the beautiful Ubangi and the Sangha rivers. A very wide range of the flora or vegetation can be now found in the Savanna territories and regions, and luxuriant and elegant gallery rain forests near the actual rivers. In the Savannas there are many distinct and diverse species of wild antelope, wild and noisy baboons, big buffaloes, and even wild elephants.

The black rhinoceroses are nowadays extremely rare, and they represent now the international (global) protected species. In the rain forests or in the Equatorial forests, an even bigger and greater, and also varied diversity of the whole wildlife exists now, also including the gorillas, the chimpanzees, the beasty leopards and the antelopes. Rivers, in this part of the world, contain many diverse and distinct species of wild fish, of big crocodiles and even many other wild hippopotamuses and elephants, which are frequently seen in the near – by forests.

This part of the world is one of the most distinctive in the whole Africa, because it has a very rich and very diverse birdlife - in the addition to a very great variety of the snakes, the bats, and other little and big insects, including the most colorful butterflies and moths from the whole wide world. There are many National Parks, and also some very important Wildlife Protection Reserves, including the Bamingui - Bangoran Protection National Park in the extreme North, the Manovo – Gounda – St. Floris Protection National Park also in the in the Far North - East, the Zemongo Faunal and Floral Reserve situated in the Far East and the Dzanga - Ndoki National Park, and also the Dzanga - Sangha Special Very Dense Forest Reserves, both placed in the Medial South – West of the country. By comparison with the neighboring Cameroon , the beautiful Central African Republic 's manufacturing sector (sawmills, breweries, and textile factories) is very small and it is concentrated almost entirely in or near the capital of Bangui.

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