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Chad is a beautiful country which is a little larger than the country of Egypt, located in Central Africa Region to the South of Libya. In the Northern parts of this African country, in the deep Sahara Desert , the rough climate is very hot around the entire year with some abundant sun and sunshine. The Southern of this country, is part of the big Sahel Belt, where the rain only occurs during a period of very high sun or solar light, actually between the months of May till September.

Chad Travel

The capital is the city of N'Djamena, the largest and most populated city in the whole country and port to the Chari River , near the clear confluence with the very beautiful Logone River . It is a national or local market for the livestock, the salt, the dates, and also the grains.

Languages used here are French (the official one), Arabic (the second official language), Sara (a local language spoken mostly in the South territories), and more than 120 different languages and dialects.

The safety and security situation deteriorated in the second half of the year 2006 and had an impact on the tourism and the transportation sections of the economy and finance, on the one hand, tourists will desert the country and it will not be easy to regain their confidence, and on the other hand, the business travel will not be much affected (generally speaking), if you see all as a total structure.

The facilities and utilities that serve the corporate travelers will remain operational without large appreciable losses.

The tourism in Chad is not so developed, as a general tourist will tend to think it will be. Most travelers are now attracted by the Chad 's hunting and fishing capabilities and its Zakouma National Park , one of the sources of Chad 's pride . The Zakouma National Park is a world - known National Park, created in the year 1963, with an area of 3000 square kilometers in the total.

After the period of the disastrous civil conflict which had ended some many years ago, the country of Chad and also the Zakouma National Park , had entered a restoration program, supported by the European Union, began in 1989 and is continuing in 2008 also. It is nominated by the Chadian Government to become a UNESCO World Heritage Site in the appropriate future.

Chad has an excellent Crafts Industry, which is very appreciated and respected in the whole world. From the many and diverse items, including camel-hair carpets, all kinds of leatherwear, embroidered cotton cloths, decorated calabashes, long and shiny knives, dangerous local and national weapons, traditional pottery to brass animals.

International hotels are now targeting the world business travel, and are expecting this industry to continue to profit from the foreign company employees to the city of N'Djamena . They are now attracting and cultivating the newly arrived “oil business” clientele, providing special rates for selected oil and extractive industry companies from all around the world.

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