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The original and unique country Chile is located in the Western Pacific Ocean's Coast of the South America, is a narrow, very skinny country which borders with the country of Peru to the North, and with the near – by Bolivia, and also Argentina to the East. It is always a sunny country with a very dry climate. The official language spoken in the country called Chile is the Spanish Language, and 90% of the Chileans are Roman Catholic; it is a mentis country, which means that it is compound by a great part by the Europeans, and also by the Indigenous populations.

Chile travel

Chilean are very friendly and also hospitable people, to all the foreigners, who are coming in their county, this country being a very attractive and visited destination for all the actual foreign travelers and visitors, and the tourism and transport system is very well developed at all sections, all the governments from a very long period or so, were very keen on maintaining and developing all the roads and railways. 

78% of the total population lives in the Santiago boasts, where there is an ideal climate with well defined seasons; there are hot summers with a maximum of 29ºC to 33ºC in the Chile's capital Santiago, one of the country's warmest cities, spring with very cool, pleasant breezes and very slow winds, and short winters with some very low temperatures, only sometimes dipping below the 0ºC - 2ºC gradation.

The Multilateral Investment Fund for the Inter - American Development Bank Planning has participated to a first project or program for creating an independent private sector network which is focused on the actual tourism in the country's natural hot and warm springs and also thermal resources. In this country there are around 70 geothermal facilities and utilities, and from the initiative there will benefit the small and the sized enterprises, specializing in the thermal services, and also products, and all the related services from this enterprises.

In Chile there are many attractions and many places which are worth to be visited, like the boasts with a great diversity of natural landscapes, the hyper arid Atacama Desert, the glacier-fed fjords of the Chilean Patagonia, the wine lands back dropped by the Andes of the Central Valley, the forests of the Lakes District and the magical and mystical Easter Island. Most of the foreign tourists and visitors are now very interested in the protected areas. The overall protected areas system includes nowadays 32 National Parks, 48 Natural Reserves and 15 Natural Monuments, all of them maintained at very high levels.

Santiago is the Chile's bustling and also colourful capital and largest city, where there lives almost a full third of the whole country's total population, and it gives the idea of how varied it is, and how unique also. How nice is to see architecture of the many Romano – Catholic churches and the full – of - colour Latin Museums, walk down on the Santiago's main boulevard and streets - the Alameda, to also take a very good advantage of the many and diverse shopping opportunities or to enter to taste the local food and wine, and nevertheless, the coffee. There are traditional or trendy restaurants and bars where you can relax at a comfortable cafe, or even dine.

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