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Colombia is an Equatorial Country with a Tropical and Sub-Tropical Climate along the coasts and Eastern Plains, cold in the Highlands and droughts, on a periodical basis; there are no seasons, in the common sense of the word; the average or medium temperatures do not vary much throughout the entire year.

Colombia is an outstanding country with a rich variety of flora and fauna, which can be found in the dense rain forests, which are covering all the Northern slopes of the Cordillera Central Mountains . The Cordilleras Occidental, Central, and Oriental are very high and very rugged mountains, which can offer satisfaction for any climber. The Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta is, at this moment, the highest Coastal Range of all the mountains. Above the altitude of 1,200 m., there are no continuous Tropical and Sub-Tropical Forests , but up to an altitude of about 1,700 m., all the trees and other local vegetation, grows along the very powerful rivers.

Colombia Travel


The capital of Colombia is the city of Bogota; the present name is a distortion of the original Indian name. In the year 1538, an expedition under the command of Gonzalo Jimenez de Quesada, arrived and conquered the all the Caribbean Coast along the Magdalena Valley , directly into Colombia 's inner Mainland. The main center of this area is called Bacata by the Chibcha Indians, and the Spanish settlement of Santa Fe de Bogota was established on this specific site.

The capital Bogota is placed in one of the most populated departments of Colombia , The Cundinamarca (16% of the country's inhabitants live in this department of Colombia ). The town is a real mixture of old and new, with beautiful and old squares dominated by the seventeenth-century churches, colonial-style buildings, and by modern office buildings and even skyscrapers.

Colombia is one of the richest countries in the world, in terms of biological and cultural diversity, diversity provided by the 49 natural areas belonging to the National Natural Park System. In the year 1977, the Rosario Islands were declared a Colombia National Park for the purpose of study (research and documentation), protection and preservation of the coral reefs, sea flora and fauna, mangroves and even lagoons, which contain more than 1,300 species of plants and animals; all the tourists come to learn, admire, and nevertheless, enjoy the natural life of the underwater Natural Park. In the Oceanarium Rosario Islands you can enjoy life, starring at the beauty and splendour of the wide variety of life, from all the little and delicate species, such as tiny shrimps, to large cods, and sharks, mythical sea horses, playful dolphins and the endangered giant sea turtle. The Island of Baru is the closest land mass to the Rosaries with some wonderful white sand beaches, and it is located in a future tourism development area.

In a country which is associated more with narcotic - terrorists and sybaritic pleasures, Colombia's Security & Safety experts warn all the visitors not to stay too far from the major or big cities, because they might enter in a schedule of kidnappings (in the last time kidnappings have dropped by half, but this is also in the present a big concern, which creates big problems and issues for the Colombian and International authorities). For that in the year 2002, the Colombian Government created the “Caravanas Turísticas”, which provides military armed escorts to the cars and the caravans to the tourist locations and that program remains in force, till now. In the year 2006, the country of Colombia , has promoted a campaign called “ Colombia es Pasion” ( Colombia is Passion), and the results of these efforts were that the domestic tourism showed a strong growth, and the number of arrivals to the South-American country of Colombia increased markedly, till now.


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